NFT’s without any knowledge

Jay Toma
4 min readOct 16, 2021

NFT’s are everywhere, and many people make a lot of money with them. But how can people take profit from them? I’m not confident with digital pictures or paintings and trade them. Maybe one day, no one wants it. So the perfect solution for me is gaming NFT’s because besides trading them, you can also use them and play with them. Since the gaming scene adopted NFT’s, the play-to-earn concept was created. And NFT’s become more than just a picture in your pocket.

What is NFT?

  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is an object that exists just one time in the world. Like an actual painting, it exists only one.
  • NFT’s could be any digital thing (a sound, video, picture, etc.).

NFT’s and Gaming

  • Now, NFT’s become an essential element of the gaming industry. In games, there always exist things that need to be limited. With blockchain technology, gaming objects will be generated and become a real value by being limited.
  • The most significant difference between normal NFT’s and NFT’s in games is that you can use it in a game for playing and even make more money with it.
  • In the gaming world, NFT’s could be characters, armor, cards, etc.
  • These 2, in combination, developed the pay-to-earn concept. If someone is good in a game, the person can win more gaming NFT’s and sell them. So you can make money by playing games.
  • Axie Infinity is probably the most popular game with this concept. It’s like Pokemon, but all monsters are NFT’s, and by playing it, you can earn a cryptocurrency.

My Problems

  • It’s often complicated to start with these games because you can’t buy stuff with money. In general, you need other cryptocurrencies and unique wallets.
  • Mostly, no one plays games forever. Only a few games are timeless.
  • Sorare takes another way. It is a football (soccer) fantasy game, so connected with the real world. It makes the entry easy because you don’t need any knowledge about cryptos. It uses this technology just in the background.


Sorare is a football (soccer) fantasy game. Based on 2 components:

  1. Tradeable football players cards as NFT’s.
  2. The playing part where you can win prices (ETH)
  • Everyone can quickly sign in and buy NFT’s in a few minutes. You need no specific wallet or currencies.
  • But you can play the game also without buying NFT’s. But in this case, you can’t make money.

How to play

  • It’s a typical fantasy football game. You build a squad of 5 players, 1 of each position and 1 backup. After a few days, your team gets a rating. The higher your team performs, the more you get as a reward.
  • You can join several leagues with your team — for instance, U23, Global(all leagues), Europe Top 5, etc.
  • The goal is to choose a player who performs in upcoming games.
  • There 4 rarities of cards (count of cards)
  • In addition, you can trade these cards against other cards or money.


  • NFT’s can make a lot of money, but you can also have fun and use it in a game.
  • Crypto games bring new mechanics to the gaming and NFT world. The play-to-earn concept is fascinating but also just at the beginning.
  • NFT’s could be complicated without knowledge of cryptos. Some NFT games cost a bunch of money, and others need knowledge about cryptocurrencies.
  • In my opinion, Sorare has one of the best concepts. The start is easy, it doesn’t cost as much as others, and it’s not time-consuming. Sorare has enormous potential because of its huge football community. Furthermore, it is a timeless game because football is a real game.
  • If someone loves football, I would recommend this game. You can play it for free, and if you want to invest a little bit, you can also make money with it or invest in NFT’s.
  • NFT’s could be great investments, but it gets harder to find the new hype. If you don’t make any profits with it, you could make some money or have fun playing the game. In combination with games, you can invest in NFT’s and even play with them. And that looks way more attractive to me than digital paintings.

If you want to play the game, take this link. After you collect 5 new cards at auction, you and I get a free card. So a win for both.



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